MindSpyder New Media

Web Design Services

With over 15 years of international experience, I am a reliable resource with a thorough understanding of the Internet world.

I offer a full suite of web design services, including professional website design, reseller web hosting, Flash design, e-commerce and e-business development. For those looking to establish an effective and affordable online presence, I also offer three feature-rich website packages to help you get online quickly and easily.

At MindSpyder, I believe in creating solutions — not just sites. I understand that a website is only an asset when it plays an active role in your overall business strategy, and I will work with you to ensure these goals are met.

Graphic Design Services

I have over 12 years experience providing graphic design services, including:

  • Website Interfaces
  • Advertising & Publications
  • Brochures, Reports & Marketing Collateral
  • Corporate Identity
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Product Packaging

I believe in an integrated approach when designing for your business or brand, ensuring that your message is developed, refined and communicated consistent across a variety of media.

Copywriting Services

I have over 18 years experience writing and editing both marketing copy and technical documentation. Our copy writing and editing services ensure your text is crisp, concise and suits the media in which it is presented.

E-Business Services

With its limitless possibilities and ever-changing technologies, doing business on the web can be both an exciting and a daunting endeavour. Will your ideas succeed?

I offer consulting services to help you enhance, improve and expand your idea while ensuring that your business model is comprehensive, realistic and viable. My knowledge, experience and vision can be an invaluable asset during this process, and time spent with MindSpyder is a solid investment in your future.

I work closely with you to ensure that your project fulfils not only your technical requirements, but also achieves the larger goals of providing value to your users, enhancing your business, and improving your bottom line.

[mind] — the power that thinks, feels, imagines and creates 
[spyder] — a builder of webs; an artist and an architect